Wednesday, December 23, 2020

New members for the
Task Group on Responsible Mining

This IAPG Task Group is active from 8 May 2017 and in the same year released the White Paper on Responsible Mining ( Unfortunately this year Jan Boon (Canada), one of the members of the Task Group and co-author of the White Paper, passed away. Moreover another member, Pekka Nurmi (Finland) decided to leave the Task Group after his retirement. Finally, Nikolaos Arvanitidis (Sweden) and Giuseppe Di Capua (Italy) will continue to serve in the group.

The IAPG continues to believe that responsible approaches and practices are fundamental to assure societal acceptance and environmental sustainability to mining activities.  

To this aim the Task Group will receive new inputs from additional members: Marita Ahumada (Argentina), Estelle Levin-Nally (United Kingdom), Vitor Correia (Portugal), and Roberto Lencina (Argentina).

The IAPG wishes to thank these new members who are starting to serve in the IAPG Task Group on Responsible Mining.

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