Wednesday, December 2, 2020

MJD and IAPG signed an Agreement for Cooperation 

MJD (Maden Jeologları Derneği - Turkish Association of Economic Geologists) and IAPG (International Association for Promoting Geoethics) signed an Agreement for Cooperation on 1 December 2020. The agreement expresses a mutual desire to cooperate on a range of themes in the field of geoethics. It helps to assure a continued IAPG–MJD cooperation and coordination on issues of common interests in Turkey, in particular, the following:

- Theoretical aspects of geoethics;
- Analyses of geoethical problems and dilemmas, also through case-studies;
- Co-organization of scientific events on geoethics;
- Production of relevant publications.

Both organizations will establish a liaison to ensure good information flow and cooperation. 

IAPG and MJD agree to act on geoethics:

1) To promote joint initiatives and events in Turkey on themes of common interest through their webpages, social networks, and publications;
2) To foster cooperation in projects and activities on themes of common interest;
3) When appropriate, involve respectively MJD and IAPG in their publications and in scientific meetings/congresses on ethics and geoethics in geosciences organized by MJD and IAPG, and in projects.

Finally, IAPG and MJD agree to publish their logos and links to homepages in their respective websites.

MJD agrees to support the "Cape Town Statement on Geoethics" (that contains the Geoethical Promise, an Hippocratic-like oath for geoscientists, and agrees to be included in the list of 26 supporting organizations of the statement.

MJD ( is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 with more than 400 members, focused on the advancement of the mineral exploration discipline and support exploration geoscience. Its aims are to improve the mineral exploration knowledge and understanding of the exploration business, to promote earth science education and awareness, professional excellence and ethical standards in the mining business. The association’s primary activities are supporting mining and mineral exploration business in specific; organizing scientific meetings, training and conferences; promote best technical and ethical practice in the exploration and mining business. Other activities include contributing state’s regulatory drafts associated with mining issues, training and courses on exploration related subjects and maintaining network on mineral exploration communities and fostering public awareness of geoscience. The MJD has several committees on various topics including Training-Education, Ethics, External Affairs, Women’s committee, Social Activities and Networking. The MJD is also an official representative of European Federation of Geologists (EFG) and one of its international Vetting Committees serving the Eurgeol applications from Turkey. MJD is also involved and contributed in several EU geoscience projects.

IAPG has 7 affiliations, 24 agreements for cooperation, 4 partnerships:


IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics

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  1. This an exiting initiative to promote and foster the the geoethics awareness in the geoscientific communities of Turkey. We believe this will be a good start for further cooperation on joint activities and programs that both IAPG and MJD benefits.
    Thanks to IAPG and MJD Board of Directors to support the idea and finalize the agreement; looking forward to see the joint activities and events.