Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Session sponsored by the IAPG
at the 5th YES Network Congress

Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), 9-13 September, 2019

Session 3.6: Geoparks and geotourism for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Time:  Thursday, 12 September 2019:  12:45pm - 1:45pm (Part 1); 2:15pm - 3:15pm (Part 2)

Location: Hall D

Session Chairs: Jean-Robert Nshokano Mweze (IAPG-DR Congo coordinator) and Kambale Kavyavu Wisdom Wiseman

IAPG sponsors this session.

Programme of the session:

Part 1

Urbanism of African Cities and the Destruction of Geosites and Geomorphosites, Case of the City of Goma / DRC
(Kambale Kavyavu Wisdom Wiseman(1), Malaika Gakuru Ange(2) - (1)UCNDK/ DRC, Geology department; (2)Université de Goma, Geology department)

Geotourism: Kairouan's Current Prospects for Sustainable Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation
(Intissar Farid - Association of protection of Nature and Environment of Kairouan)

The exceptional Geoheritage, Geopark and Geotourism potential of the Cenozoic Successions of Western Kutch, India
(Shubhendu Shekhar, Pramod Kumar - University of Delhi, India)

Part 2

Assessment of capabilities and geomorphic tourist priorities of Lorestan Province
(Reza Nafari, Elham hydari, Fariba Kazempour - Azad University, Iran)

Reflection on the challenges of development and diversity of natural resources of DR Congo: How to reduce Paradoxes between evaluated potentialities and real poverty
(Jean-Robert Nshokano Mweze(1), Miireille Muhigwa(2) - (1)Université Paris 8, France; (2)StrongWomen DR Congo)

Mineralogical Heritage of M'goun Geoparc Valorization and Exploitation
(Salma Aboutofail(1), Mohammed Boutakiout(2), Abdelmalek Ouadjou(3) - (1)Faculty of Science, Université Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco; (2)Faculty of Science, Rabat, Morocco; (3) Engineer at the Operations Department, Groupe Managem, Marrakech, Morocco)

Potential Geoparks and Geotourism as a Tool for Regional Sustainable Development of Egypt
(Enas Abd Elhady Ahmed - Matrouh University, Egypt; UGGPC member)

IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics: