Monday, August 19, 2019

a new paper just published (free access):

Dimension stone industry should meet the fundamental values of geoethics

(by Nicola Careddu, Giuseppe Di Capua, and Giampaolo Siotto)

The term “Dimension Stone” refers to natural stone that has been quarried, selected and processed into specific sizes or shapes, with or without one or more mechanically dressed or finished surfaces, for use as building facing, curbing, paving stone, monuments and memorials, and various industrial products. The dimension stone industry is currently increasing the volume of its activities: based on a prudent medium-term development forecast, the net product could reach one hundred million tons in 2020. For this reason, geoscientists and stakeholders need to reason about methods and technologies in the dimension stone sector and how to operate responsibly and sustainably in accordance with the following geoethical values. After a definition of geoethics and an overview of the dimension stone industry, the paper focuses on fundamental values of geoethics as stated in the Cape Town Statement on Geoethics. More precisely, geoethical values have been referred to real and practical cases of dimension stone subsectors, by presenting some examples recorded in Sardinia (Italy). This region has a long history of production of ornamental stones. Finally, tips and suggestions on how geoscientists (in particular geologists and mining engineers) can help the dimension stone sector in a geoethical way, i.e., responsibly and sustainably are herein offered.

Geoethics; Dimension stone; Quarrying; Natural resources; Sustainability;
Geoheritage; Geo-education

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Careddu N., Di Capua G., Siotto G. (2019). Dimension stone industry should meet the fundamental values of geoethics. Resources Policy, 63, 101468; doi: 10.1016/j.resourpol.2019.101468.

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