Monday, July 16, 2018

The EU-Latin America Mineral Development Network Platform (MDNP)

by Jan Boon
Jan Boon

Co-coordinator IAPG-Canada
FaciliTech International, Canada 

The EU-Latin American Mineral Development Network Platform (MDNP) aims to establish a network platform for the cooperation between authorities, industry, business (including SMEs), academia, geological surveys and other relevant entities from the EU and select Latin American countries. The EU provides funding for the platform.
To become a member of the MDNP you need to be legally based  in an EU Member State or in one of the following Latin American countries Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and to be active in the fields relevant for the non-energy extractive industry sector. Unfortunately, this means that only IAPG members residing in the EU or in the specified Latin American countries can register and access the network. I am somewhat puzzled by this, as the "mining ecosystem" (that consists of all actors involved and by their networks of relationships) is truly global.
For example, companies with head offices located in many non-European countries carry out mining in Peru, which means that many important relationships will not be visible in MNDP, although they may affect issues important to MDNP members. Be this as it may, IAPG has registered as a member and Giuseppe di Capua (IAPG treasurur) has access to the platform. You can find details at
The platform is organized around he main headings investment; cooperation; technology, equipment and services; research, development and innovation; responsible mining and sustainable development goals; and events. In addition, it has a tools section that provides networking tools, company profiles, a partner finder, country fiches, funding instruments, tax incentives and more. There also is an on-line library.
Drop-down menus provide details for each heading. Details for selected main headings illustrate the structure of the platform: Investment covers mining legal frameworks, mineral potential, exploration and mining opportunities, and funding instruments and tax incentives. Research, development and innovation deals with project initiatives and networks; funding instruments; exploration, extraction; mineral processing and metallurgy; and mining waste management and rehabilitation.
MNDP will be a very useful tool for all actors linked to the mining sector in the EU and Latin American member countries. If you have a legal link to an entity that resides in one of these countries, you will have access to what looks to become a formidable platform.

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