Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Online Course
Professionalism and Geoethics:
Creating a Workplace Environment
Where Everyone Can Succeed

David Mogk
(IAPG Board of Experts)
The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) are pleased to announce our newest course as part of the Geoscience Online Learning Initiative (GOLI). Professionalism and Geoethics: Creating a Workplace Environment Where Everyone Can Succeed is an on-demand course in which learners can register and access all content, materials, and assessments free of charge. The instructor for this course is Dr. David Mogk, Professor of Geology at Montana State University.

David Mogk is member of the IAPG Board of Experts for Geo-education and Teaching Geoethics:  

Professionalism refers to the attitudes and behaviors that impact interpersonal relations in the workplace, the foundations of which are based on the concepts of power, trust, respect, responsibility, justice, and fairness. The nature of the Geosciences (e.g., working with an incomplete record, temporal and spatial scales beyond human perception, uncertainty in natural systems), and the geoscience work environment (e.g., in the field, laboratory, with extensive travel) presents many situations where ethical dilemmas may arise. Recent high-visibility transgressions have brought special attention to sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. Everyone has a right to a safe, inclusive, supportive, and productive work environment and a high bar must be set for both students and faculty to ascribe to the highest professional standards of the discipline. This course will introduce topics that contribute to workplace "climate" (e.g., microaggressions, implicit bias, empowering bystanders), and will provide suggestions for personal and institutional actions that can be taken to ensure that everyone can succeed in your workplace environment.

This course is ideal for all geoscientists interested in promoting a happy and healthy work environment. It is a great resource particularly for geoscientists in leadership, management, or advising roles to introduce these basic concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Register for the course and peruse the content to learn more!

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