Friday, September 15, 2017

New IAPG Special Issue:
Geoethics at the heart of all geoscience

The first 5 papers of the new IAPG Special Issue on Geoethics have been published online in the Annals of Geophysics website and are now available for free download.
The special volume is entitled "Geoethics at the heart of all geoscience" and is edited by Silvia Peppoloni, Giuseppe Di Capua, Peter T. Bobrowsky, Vincent S. Cronin.
We will keep you informed about the next papers that will be published in this volume.

Papers already published:

Green Mining – A Holistic Concept for Sustainable and Acceptable Mineral Production
Pekka Nurmi

A Concept of Society-Earth-Centric Narratives
Martin Bohle, Anna Sibilla, Robert Casals I Graells

Geoethics in science communication: the relationship between media and geoscientists
Franco Foresta Martin, Silvia Peppoloni

Furthering Ethical Requirements for Applied Earth Science
Martin Bohle, Erle C. Ellis

Delivering Sustainable Development Goals: the need for a new international resource governance framework
Edmund Nickless

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