Friday, September 1, 2017

IAPG has become member organisation of the 
ICPHS - International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences

IAPG has become member organisation of the ICPHS - International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences on 6 August 2017, during the ICPHS General Assembly in Liège (Belgium).

Martin Bohle, IAPG Corresponding Citizen Scientist, represented IAPG in the ICPHS General Assembly (held at the World Humanities Conference) and gave a presentation about our Association. 

ICPHS General Assembly 2017
The ICPHS is a non-governmental organisation within UNESCO, which federates hundreds of different learned societies in the field of philosophy, human sciences and related subjects. The ICPHS ( coordinates the international works and researches carried out by a huge constellation of centres and networks of scholars. It favours the exchange of knowledge among faraway scholars and fosters the international circulation of scholars, in order to improve the communication among specialists from different disicplines, enforce a better knowledge of cultures and of the different social, individual and collective behaviours and bring to the fore the richness of each culture and their fruitful diversity. The International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies was founded on the 18th of January, 1949, in Brussels, at the request of UNESCO and under its auspices, following a meeting organized by the Union Académique Internationale to bring together representatives of nongovernmental organizations. From January 1, 2011, it adopted the designation “International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences”. The Board of the Assembly shall exercise the functions of the governing body of the Council between sessions of the General Assembly. It consists of one President, who is also President of the CIPSH, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer, the immediate Past President, and four to six Members. (Art. VI, §1 of the Statutes).

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