Friday, September 11, 2015

Geoethics at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

Colleagues are invited to submit abstracts for the session "Ethical principles and practices in the Ocean Sciences" at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting that will take place in New Orleans, Lousiana (USA) on 21-26 February 2016 (deadline is approaching: 23 September 2016, 11:59 P.M. EDT). 

Conveners of the session are: Elizabeth S Gordon and Cindy Palinkas (co-coordinator of the IAPG-USA section).

Here the session description: Geoethics is an interdisciplinary study that encompasses professional ethics and scientific integrity, stewardship, and risk communication. As such, Geoethics provides a valuable framework for exploring our ethical obligations as ocean scientists in a variety of settings. As scholars and experts, we have an obligation to not only conduct research responsibly but also to inform society of potential marine resources and hazards. For example, ocean scientists are uniquely suited to address such issues as tsunami warnings, overfishing, iron fertilization, and ocean pollution, informing science-based management and policy decisions. As educators, we also have an obligation to train our students in ethical practices and principles. The goal of this session is to discuss these obligations through presentations that highlight case studies at the interface of marine science and ethics, as well as educational strategies for incorporating Geoethics into undergraduate and graduate curricula.

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