Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trend-Spotting in the Geosciences

Peter T. Bobrowsky

Geological Survey of Canada
Natural Resources Canada
601 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1A 0E8

Geoscience Canada, volume 40, 235-241, 2013 

“… As a community we can celebrate centuries of success, we should accept the competitive economic realities that exist today between disciplines and we must avoid questioning the raison d’être of geology.
Disciplinary self-doubting, lamenting over days long gone and an intransigence to adapt will not sustain our discipline’s relevance and longevity. Indeed the 'geoscience train' left the station a long time ago. New ideas, interesting questions and fantastic possibilities are available to all of us in geosciences if we accept a significant shift in our paradigm of collaboration …”

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Picture at the top 
Train spotters in the UK. Digital image photo credit: Peter Van Den Bossche, 13 September 2002. Accessed 28 August 2013 (