Monday, February 17, 2014

A new proposal for establishing the first Geopark in Jordan: 
a new step toward the lowest geopark in the world

Mamoon Allan

The Natural Resources Authority (NRA) in Jordan has prepared a proposal for setting up the first geopark in Jordan and The Arab World. This project is supported by the UNESCO which has contributed to the establishment of standards for the foundation of a list of geoparks in the world. The proposed area for this project is located in Wadi Al Mujib, 90 Km near Amman. The director of this project proposal is Dr Mamoon Allan, the IAPG (International Association for Promoting Geoethics) coordinator for Jordan. He indicates that the rationale behind selection of Wadi Al Mujib is based on abundance of its superb geological features, the richest of its biodiversity, density of its cultural, historical and heritage resources and the opportunity to link it to geology, and providing a great opportunity to enhance the wellbeing of the local community adjacent the selected area. The success of Al Mujib geopark project will pave the way to set up the lowest geopark in the world (420 M below sea level).

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