Monday, April 25, 2022

IAPG is now partner of the Earth Future Festival (EFF)

The Earth Futures Festival aims to raise international awareness of the role of Earth Science (geoscience) in our sustainable future. Geoscience is key to understanding the relationships between the planet’s physical and biological systems, human interaction with the environment and climatic impacts. It is essential to reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, plays a vital role in disaster risk reduction and is critical in achieving the Paris Climate Agreement. The festival is a global collaboration to showcase how geoscience is addressing current sustainability challenges through media, with a key focus on education, diversity and inclusion. The festival aims to educate and inspire others, create diverse role models, motivate positive global change and attract a diverse range of people towards both study and careers in the field of geoscience.

All information about the Earth Future Festival are available on the EFF website. Don't miss this event! 

IAPG is partner of EFF from April 2022. 


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