Friday, February 26, 2021

Published the first article in the special issue on geoethics with the journal Sustainability

We are glad to inform that the a first paper was published in the special issue "New Advances on Geoethics and Sustainable Development" of the journal Sustainaility. The guest editors of this special issue are Silvia Peppoloni and Giuseppe Di Capua. The call for submission in this special issue is still active (new deadline: 16 May 2021).

The paper published is entitled "Geoethics, a Branding for Sustainable Practices" and authored by Martin Bohle and Eduardo Marone.

The article can be downloaded here:

"In struggles for cultural leadership, advocating a paradigm helps to disseminate, for example, a style of life, thinking, or common practices. Promoting a practice, that is, branding it, includes the use of a simple name or symbol (semiotic sign). Within geosciences, the label “geoethics” refers to a school of thought that uses established philosophical concepts to promote responsible professional practices. The outcomes that are available aggregate to a more general paradigm that calls for geocentric human practices. The label geoethics also sounds like a brand for those practices. As analysis shows, the notion of geoethics is not univocal. At first sight, that feature hinders using it as a brand for geocentric practices. However, the successful branding of the concept of sustainability, as a scientific and public paradigm, indicates the opposite. Although the notion of sustainability aggregates various concepts and is not univocal, it illustrates what cultural leadership can be achieved when a concept, paradigm, and brand use the same semiotic sign (name). Therefore, it is suggested that the school of thought, Geoethics, with its dedicated reference to the specific societal use of geosciences, should also be used as a brand: geoethics, the general application of geoethical thinking to promote geocentric human practices."

The paper can be cited as follows:

Bohle M. and Marone E. (2021). Geoethics, a Branding for Sustainable Practices. Sustainability, 13(2), 895, 

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