Monday, November 16, 2020

IAPG is partner of the EDIG Conference

14-16 December 2020

The IAPG supports the EDIG Conference on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Geoscience.

From EDIG project:

Conference description
To help us better understand the challenges faced by many people in the geoscience community, we recently ran a survey asking people about their experiences with equality, diversity, and inclusion related topics. We have been working with the survey data to structure an online conference, now planned for the 15-16th of December. There will be an ice breaker style event on the evening of the 14th.

The conference will be run over 2 days, with 3 sessions (talks and panel discussions) and a workshop focusing on unconscious bias. Speakers will be announced shortly.

Session 1 (12.00 pm GMT; 2 hours 30 min): This will focus on a broad look of where we have come from and how we all need to come together to make geoscience more accessible. We will also be presenting a summary of our survey results.

Session 2 (15.00 pm GMT; 2 hours): This session will focus on the specific challenges and barriers to access that many groups experience.

Session 3 (12.00 pm GMT; 2 hours): The final session will look at what is being done to promote inclusion and remove barriers, how we can improve retention, and discuss challenges faced by early career geoscientists.

Workshop: To close the EDIG conference, we are hosting a workshop on unconscious bias, run by DiverseMatters ( The workshop will be using the results of our recent survey and is co-sponsored by iCRAG and IGI.

To register, visit the EDIG conference eventbrite page:

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