Friday, September 25, 2020

ZEF Colloquium (online event):

The role of Geoethics in georesources management and governance: some case studies

by Francesc Bellaubi (IAPG member)

8 October 2020
01:30-2:30 PM Berlin (Germany)

The aim of the conference is to introduce Geoethics and the possibilities offered by this discipline in conflicts related to georesources management and governance. Geoethics consists of research and reflection on the values which underpin appropriate behaviors and practices, wherever human activities interact with the Earth system. The management of georesources whether minerals, soil, water and areas of scientific and cultural interest as well as geohazards becomes especially contentious when there are a number of values at stake. Beyond socio-economic and environmental assessments, citizen participation, land use planning and protection of natural areas ... is there any way to overcome these conflicts?
Geoethical dilemmas more than finding solutions look at the understanding of values behind confronting positions, and aim to establish a future vision based on a dialogue of values. Often behind environmental problems there are issues of social equity and ultimately ecological justice that must be overcome. Should we need to take into account the intrinsic value of nature and our most spiritual values to overcome such challenges? how does it affect our social relations in our relationship in the Geosphere? What is the role of pedagogy and leadership in finding a common path?

Keywords: geoethics, geresources, management, governance, ecological justice

Dr. Francesc Bellaubi is a geologist and mining tech engineer, with a PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Osnabrück (Germany) and studies in Theology. He has a long career working with  international cooperation and development agencies and NGOs. He is currently a researcher at the South Ural State University (Russia), a member of the International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG), and the Silene Association, a non-profit association based in Catalonia, Spain, aimed at the study, dissemination and promotion of the spiritual and intangible cultural heritage values inherent in Nature.

Publications on geoethics:

IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics

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