Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The IAPG section of Turkey

Welcome to the IAPG section of Turkey! 

The section is officially established on 27 November 2019 and will work under the responsibility of Yüksel Örgün Tutay (Istanbul Technical University - ITU) and Dündar Çağlan (Turkish Chamber of Geological Engineers).

Yüksel Örgün Tutay
Yüksel Örgün Tutay is graduated from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Faculty of Mining, Geological Engineering (1983). She started to work, as a research assistant in this department, in 1984; in 2000 she become Associate Professor and in 2008 Professor. She continues his academic studies mainly on geochemistry, hydrogeochemistry, hydrogeology, natural radioactivity and medical geology in ITU-Geology Engineering Department. Since 2011 she takes courss on engineering ethics, as well as vocational courses. She is member of the Turkish Chamber of Geological Engineers (GEC) and she has held various positions in the board of directors and commissions of GEC Istanbul Branch since 1994; she is currently the Chairman of the 14th Term Board of Directors of the Istanbul Branch. She was member of Turkey National Commission for UNESCO, the Natural Sciences Committee, for the period 2014-2018.

Dündar Çağlan
Dündar Çağlan graduated from Ankara Hacettepe University, Geological Engineering Department, in 1981. He worked as a geologist for 35 years for the General Diroktorate of Petroleum Affairs. He retired in 2019. He served as treasurer, general secretary, vice president and president in the Turkish Chamber of Geological Engineers (GEC). He is currently a member of the disciplinary committee of the same organization.

IAPG-Turkey is the thirty-first section of the IAPG.

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