Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Susan Kieffer elected to the WSAS

IAPG is glad to announce that Susan Kieffer (IAPG Vice-President) has been elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences (WSAS), a not-for-profit organization of about 300 members, "for furthering the fields of fluid dynamics as it pertains to volcanoes, geysers, rivers, and modelling the thermodynamic properties of minerals, as well as advancing the scientific understanding of meteorite impacts."

"WSAS directs member expertise toward solving some of the most vexing problems facing [the] state through connecting experts to state agencies and non-government organizations." 

The WSAS organizes multi-disciplinary roundtable discussions, workshops, and symposia to assess risks and define critical research gaps. Studies are peer reviewed and provide technically sound resources for informing the development of Washington state policy. 

Congratulations Susan!


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