Friday, March 15, 2019

Exploring Geoethics

This book explores the potential of geoethics, as designed within the operational criteria of addressing the deeds and values of the human agent as part of the Earth system. It addresses three key questions: i) what should be considered 'geoethics' in an operational sense, ii) what is peripheral to it, and iii) is there a case therefore to establish a denomination, such as geo-humanities or geosophy, to capture a broader scope of thinking about geoscience and its interactions with society and the natural world, for the benefit of the geo-professionals and others.

The book begins by framing, contextualising and describing contemporary geoethics, then goes on to cover several examples of geoethical thinking and explores the societal intersections of geosciences in the planetary 'human niche'. The concluding chapter discusses the challenges facing the emerging field of geoethics and how it may evolve in the future. 

Bringing together a set of experts across multiple interdisciplinary fields this collection will appeal to scholars, researchers, practitioners and students within geosciences and social sciences, political sciences as well as the humanities. It will interest those who are curious about how ethical reflections relate to professional duties, scholarly interests, activities in professional geoscience associations, or responsible citizenship in times of anthropogenic global change.

This book:
- Addresses current debates around geoethics
- Approaches geoethics from an interdisciplinary angle
- Discusses the practical application of geoethics


Setting the Scene (Pages 1-24)
Martin Bohle, Giuseppe Di Capua

Contemporary Geoethics Within the Geosciences (pages 25-70)
Silvia Peppoloni, Nic Bilham, Giuseppe Di Capua

Exploring Societal Intersections of Geoethical Thinking (pages 71-136)
Martin Bohle, Rika Preiser

Humanistic Geosciences and the Planetary Human Niche (pages 137-164)
Martin Bohle, Eduardo Marone

Reframing Geoethics? (pages 165-174)
Martin Bohle, Giuseppe Di Capua, Nic Bilham

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