Wednesday, January 23, 2019

IAPG-Peru has a new coordinator

IAPG-Peru logo
Carlos Toledo Gutierrez (photo above) is the new coordinator of IAPG-Peru from 1 January 2019. "Have a good work!" Carlos.

Carlos Toledo Gutierrez is Geological Engineer, Magister in History, graduated with a master's degree in Engineering and Philosophy. Bachelor of Education, specialty history and geography and environmental education. Currently PhD studies in Philosophy. He is University professor and academic coordinator at the Antonio Ruiz de Montoya Jesuitas University and at the National University of San Marcos, and professor at the EAP Geological Engineering. He is also external mining consultant of EGEMASS - The Mining Society.

Sandra Paula Villacorta Chambi
Carlos takes over from Sandra Paula Villacorta Chambi in chairing the IAPG-Peru section.

IAPG wishes to thank Sandra Paula for the excellent job she has done in the last years, that brought IAPG-Peru to become the most important reality in actively promoting geoethics in South America.

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