Tuesday, September 18, 2018

IAPG-Nepal has a new co-coordinator

We are pleased to inform that IAPG-Nepal has now 2 co-coordinators, covering different geoscience topics.

Ranjan Kumar Dahal, Associate Professor of Engineering Geology at the Central Department of Geology, Geodisaster Research Center, Tribhuvan University, has been appointed co-coordinator of IAPG-Nepal and will chair the section along with Shree Prasad Vista, who has managed the section till now.

Shree Prasad Vista is coordinator of Soil Science and Ecological sector of IAPG-Nepal, while Ranjan Kumar Dahal is coordinator of the Engineering Geology sector of the section. 

The Nepalese Society of Engineering Geologists (NSEG), Nepalese branch of the IAEG (that has an agreement for cooperation with IAPG) has offered to host officially the secretariat of IAPG-Nepal. 


More info about Ranjan Kumar Dahal (PhD, PostDoc, M.ASCE)

Ranjan Kumar Dahal
Ranjan Kumar Dahal is an Associate Professor of Engineering Geology at Central Department of Geology, Geodisaster Research Center, Tribhuvan University. He graduated from Tribhuvan University, Nepal with Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in Geology and also holds a Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Engineering from Kagawa University, Japan. He worked in Ehime University, Japan as a JSPS Postdoc researcher primarily focusing on geological hazards, landslide hazard evaluation, engineering geological investigation of roads, tunnels and dams. In his professional capacity, Dr. Dahal currently serves Central Department of Geology, Tribhuvan University as Coordinator of MSc in Engineering Geology program since March 2016. He has published more than 60 technical/scientific papers in peer-reviewed international and national journals. He is also author of a seminal book on Himalayan geology and has co-authored three books in his discipline. He was awarded the Young Scientist Award of Nepal in 2009 by the Nepal Academy for Science and Technology (NAST) to commemorate his scientific and academic achievements. In 2010, he was appointed a Fellow Academician in NAST by Prime Minister of Nepal. Dr. Dahal serves Kagawa University (Japan) as visiting professor, and Ehime University (Japan) as visiting associate professor addendum to his post at Tribhuvan University. Dr. Dahal possesses international experience in multitude of research projects, training courses and consulting projects related to geohazard risk assessment from Japan, Taiwan, and India.
As Management Director of International Consortium of Geodisaster Reduction (ICGdR), Dr. Dahal works in close coordination with geohazard experts of Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, USA and European countries for the geodisaster reduction. Dr. Dahal fulfills editorial responsibilities in several international and national journals, such as the Springer Open Journal of Geoenvironmental Disasters as Associate-Editor-in-Chief, the International Journal of Landslide and Environment (IJLE) also as an Associate-Editor-in-Chief, Nepal Journal of Science and Technology (NJST) as an Associate-Editor-in-Chief, and as an editor for the Bulletin of Engineering Geology and Environment. He is also associated with Himalaya Conservation Group (HCG) as Chief Technical Adviser in advocating research based policy making concepts in Nepal. He was assigned as special expert for the Sunkoshi Landslide Dam rescue and response program of Government of Nepal in 2013 and he helped Nepal Army to open a landslide dam in a manageable way. In the aftermath of 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, Government of Nepal nominated him as a member in the National Reconstruction Consultant. Backed by long expertise and exposure in national as well as international geohazard research, he is serving Nepal for appropriate mitigation practice for landslides, rockfalls and an array of geohazards. Dr. Dahal has pioneered rock fall hazard mitigation practice in Nepal by collaborating with his Austrian colleagues. 
Dr. Dahal is Coordinator and representing IGC Co-host Nepal (Nepal Academy of Science and Technology) in the organizing committee of the International Geological Congress 2020, New Delhi (India).
More details about Dr. Dahal are available at: http://www.ranjan.net.np.


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