Monday, August 27, 2018

A sad news 

It is with great sadness that we inform that our prominent member Prof. Partha Sarathi Datta (IAPG-India), Independent Consultant on Water & Environment and Former Project Director at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, passed away on 13 August 2018.

Prof. Datta actively contributed for years to develop IAPG activities. He gave always his availability to put his experience at disposal of IAPG colleagues, helping us also for simple tasks and activities like the translation in Hindi language of IAPG documents, demonstrating his great desire to spread geoethics within India geoscience community. Recently, he was coooperating for the organization of the International Congress "Geoethics & Groundwater Management: Theory and Practice for a Sustainable Development" that will be held in Porto in October 2019.
A special memory of his figure will find space in this Congress, highlighting his valuable suggestions and contributions for the success of this event.

Professor Datta will miss us.

Here below his biography from

Short biography
Post-Graduate & Doctorate (Groundwater Recharge Estimation in Ganges Basin), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Received UNESCO/UNEP Training on ‘Groundwater Protection from Pollution & Depletion’, Geohydrological Research Institutes, USSR. Long-standing recognized expert, adviser & consultant (Hydrology) to national/international agencies (IAEA, Vienna; Fluorosis Research & Rural Development Foundation; Centre for Science & Environment, Delhi) & NGOs. Undertaken innovative pioneering research & outreach field Initiatives and Assessed Groundwater Recharge & Pollution in River basins; Influent/effluent seepage & Recharge Potential under river flood plains; Paleo-Climate & Climate forcing, Land use & Environmental impacts on Hydrological regime; Crops WUE; Multi-sector Water Consumptive use & demands; Delineated aquifer recharge zones. Evaluated National & International laws/policies, and Developed Policy Guidelines on Resiliency planning for Groundwater protection; Water quality standards; Water & environment conservation; Water governance, harvesting & supply options; Adaptation strategies for Drought avoidance and Sustainable development. As Director, Nuclear Research Laboratory (established under the aegis of UNDP/SIDA/FAO/IAEA); Actg Director & Actg Jt. Director (Res), IARI, Delhi, Conceptualized, Supervised, Administered, Planned, Coordinated, Managed & Promoted inter-disciplinary vision, goals, priorities & opportunities for R&D Activities in Hydro- & Bio- Sphere; Established Infrastructure & Instrumental Facilities for Research, Education & Training needs; As PG Faculty, taught Environment/Climate Sciences, Hydrology, Impact Assessment. As Member Secretary In-Charge, Indian National Committee on Hydrology for IHP/ARCCOH (UNESCO), Min. of Water Resources, Planned, Coordinated, Facilitated & Aided regional level inter-organization & inter-country collaboration of R&D activities, Education & Training needs.

In the pictures:
Prof. Partha Sarathi Datta during the IAPG session on Geoethics at the XII IAEG Congress in Torino (Italy), in September 2014

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