Saturday, June 9, 2018

The IAPG section of Lebanon

Welcome to the IAPG section of Lebanon! 

IAPG-Lebanon is chaired by Soumaya Ayadi-Maasri.

Soumaya Ayadi-Maasri
She is a lecturer at the Saint Joseph University (Beirut), where she teaches and coordinates Geology and Environment at the faculties of sciences and engineering.  

She is also the President of ACE - Association for Community and Environment ( a non-profit organization, based in the southern City of Tyre in Lebanon that works on resilience projects with communities, and development and protection of cultural and natural heritage.

She holds a PhD in Structural Geology and applied Geophysics from the University of Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia and Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France; and completed graduate studies in petroleum prospecting in association with the Hydrocarbon Tunisian Corporation (P.A. Resources).

Soumaya worked for thirteen years as expert geologist in the private environmental consulting sector (in Tunisia and Lebanon). She is an expert in natural resources management, specifically protection of aquifers; with substantial experience in master-planning solid waste management. 

She is member and moderator with the African Association of Women in Geosciences - AAWG and representative of the African Geopark Network - AGN. Among other current work, she is focusing on geoheritage protection and conservation, working on the settlement of Jezzine-Shouf aspiring geopark in Lebanon; and managing a project under the program of "building of eco-citizen capacities for sustainable development".

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