Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The IAPG section of France

Welcome to the IAPG section of France! 

The section is co-chaired by Michèle Barbier and David Crookall.

Michèle Barbier
Working in marine sciences for 20 years, Michèle Barbier has developed multidisciplinary skills. Scientist and Manager, she is now Independent Ethics Adviser and founder of the Institute for Science & Ethics. This private Institute based in France aims to develop ethical approaches in science and innovation to improve organizations and social issues at the global level through value-based collaborations. She is also Ethics Expert for the European Commission and has been involved in many projects dealing with Intellectual Property Rights and the Protocol of Nagoya (Author of the CIESM Charter on access and Benefit Sharing) related to marine resources. She has a long experience as scientific officer at CIESM, the Mediterranean Science Commission, an inter-governmental organization, in setting dialogue with Policy makers and various stakeholders,

David Crookall
David Crookall, PhD, FRSA, has worked all his life in the experiential learning dimensions of geosciences. He is interested in the ethical dimensions of the geosciences, especially when referring to climate change, environmental pollution, geo-resources, sustainability, fishing, oceans. During his time in the USA, he obtained a large grant from the prestigious Fund for Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE), a Federal Agency supporting innovative projects. During his (26-year) editorship of the world's foremost journal on education simulation/gaming, David's editorial policy emphasized (a) debriefing (the source of learning from experience) and (b) ethical issues related to the environment. He shepherded and edited several important symposium issues, including one on natural resource management using simulation and agent-based modeling and one on climate change and simulation. David has also served and continues to serve on various academic journal boards. David is a member of a number of organizations, including: UCA Union for Concerned Scientists, AGU American Geophysical Union, GfGD Geology for Global Development, IGEO International Geoscience Education Organisation, EGU European Geosciences Union, ISAGA International Simulation and Gaming Association; he has been a member of the IAPG International Association for Promoting Geoethics since 2015. After working in various universities in France, USA and Singapore, he has recently retired from the Université Côte d'Azur, but continues to fight for environmental justice, especially through learning and education - which he calls geo-edu-ethics.

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