Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Session S40
"Seismology and Society"

(deadline: 31 March 2018)

36th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission
2-7 September 2018, Valletta (Malta)

Session S40: "Seismology and Society"

Conveners: Nicos Melis (Greece), Remy Bossu (France), Silvia Peppoloni (Italy), Giuseppe di Capua (Italy), Iain Stewart (United Kingdom), Graça Silveira (Portugal), Susana Custódio (Portugal), Tataru Dragos (Romania), Paul Denton (United Kingdom).

Session description: This session aims to bring together seismologists working in the fields of educational seismology, citizen seismology and geoethics. The common theme being the process of communicating the science of seismology to non-specialists. Seismology has an important role to play in modern society and seismologists should be having two-way communications with a wide variety of stakeholders across all levels of society, encompassing schools, engineers, general public, other scientists, politicians and civil protection professionals. In educational seismology projects across the world practical studies of seismology can be used to enhance the scientific literacy not just within the school but also within the wider community through family interactions. Nowadays non-specialist citizens are becoming increasingly involved with the collection and dissemination of seismological information through a growing number of citizen seismology networks, maybe by reporting directly or indirectly felt effects or by instrument based programmes. This session aims to promote the discussion on social aspects involved in seismic risk communication and (geo)ethical implications. Improving the relationships between scientists, decision makers, and general public means to increase the resilience of the human communities, and to make seismologists more aware of the responsibility in conducting their activity.

This session is supported by IAPG.

Website: http://www.escmalta2018.eu/page/Sessions_n#S40

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