Thursday, December 28, 2017

AT EGU 2018 AND RFG 2018

Thanks to a donation by Martin Bohle (IAPG Board of Experts), the IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics will help to support the participation of 3 young geoscientists from low-income countries at the EGU General Assembly 2018 and RFG 2018 Conference, by covering the Abstract Processing Charge (40,00 Euros at EGU 2018 and 50,00 Canadian Dollars at RFG 2018 for each abstract). 
In particular, IAPG will assign:

- 1 grant for the session EOS4 on Geoethics at EGU 2018 (see the call for abstracts at:; 

- 2 grants for the sessions on geoethics RS13, RS10 or RS9 at the RFG 2018 (see the call for abstracts at:

Martin Bohle

A) Abstracts must be sent to Martin Bohle ( and Giuseppe Di Capua ( by 6 January 2016. Authors must indicate first name, last name, date of birth, country, affiliation, email address, and in which session the abstract should be submitted.

B) Giuseppe Di Capua, treasurer of the IAPG, will check the eligibility criteria (i): <=35 years at date of opening of EGU General Assembly 2018 (8/4/2018), and ii): affiliated to an institution/organization situated in a low-income country (see list of the World Bank

C) By 7 January 2018, Martin Bohle will rank the abstracts in view of two criteria:
i) scientific quality and ii) relevance; the two criteria have equal weight; in case of a tied situation a fair gender balance within the group selected awardees will be aimed at by Martin Bohle.

D) The list of applications and outcome of selection procedure will be published on the IAPG Website.

E) Abstracts will be submitted and paid directly by IAPG on behalf of authors.

We wait for your abstracts!

Thanks again to Martin Bohle for his generous sponsorship.

Please, kindly, share this announcement! Thank you.

Yankho Naomi Kalebe (Malawi) and Patrick Bacirhonde Maheshe (Democratic Republic of Congo).

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