Wednesday, July 26, 2017

IAPG at the EADI NORDIC Conference 2017 

Martin Bohle
The conference EADI Nordic (20-23 August 2017, Bergen, Norway) "Globalisation at the Crossroads – Rethinking Inequalities and Boundaries" aims to address a series of challenges in development (policy, research, practices) in a multi-polar world.

The IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics is represented by Dr. Martin Bohle (IAPG Corresponding Citizen Scientist). 

He has been invited by Mundus Maris to speak to the panel "Small-Scale Fisheries between Tradition and Modernity – Addressing Poverty Alleviation, Food Security and Social Development through the Lens of Human Rights and Dignity." 

The panel will discuss implementation issues of the voluntary FAO guidelines for small-scale Fisheries.

The IAPG was invited to "… further enrich [the discussions] by developments arising from researching and promoting geo-ethics in the Anthropocene, thus connecting the challenges and opportunities of small-scale fisheries with other global issues."  

​​Why EADI Nordic 2017The rapid growth of developing economies and the fundamental needs of many disadvantaged people across the globe are requiring, in face of "planetary boundaries" a fundamental rethinking of the future development. Addressing the economic, social and environmental challenges reflected in poverty and inequalities in both the Global South and North calls to review existing globalisation processes, population and urbanisation trends, and forms of mobilisation and civic agency.

​An excerpt of Martin's contribution, entitled "Entangling Small-scale-Fisheries-Guidelines, Geoethics and Human Niche", will be made available on the IAPG blog; the draft of the contribution is available at ResearchGate.

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