Thursday, June 15, 2017

The issue #2 - 2017 of the IAPG Newsletter is out!


- Congresses (Slides, posters and photos from EGU 2017; Call for abstracts on geoethics in Morocco and Nepal; updating on RFG 2018)
- Cape Town Statement on Geoethics: news (good news from SGI and GfGD)
- New national Sections (IAPG-Pakistan)
- New Task Group ("Responsible Mining")
- Affiliations/Agreements (IAH, IUGS-IFG, GfGD)
- From national Sections (news from Egypt, Ukraine, Portugal, Peru, United Kingdom, Pakistan)  
- From IAPG Blog (articles by authors from Nigeria, Malawi and Canada)
- From our community (articles by authors from Italy, Switzerland and USA) 
- Donations

Download the IAPG Newsletter #2 - 2017 at:

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