Saturday, April 8, 2017

IAPG and IUGS-IFG signed an agreement for cooperation

On 7th April 2017, IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics and IUGS-IFG - Initiative on Forensic Geology has signed an agreement for cooperation.

The agreement expresses a mutual desire to co-operate on a range of issues in the field of geoethics and forensic geology:
  • Promoting principles of geoethics, research integrity and best practices in forensic geology within their networks;
  • Cooperating in teaching and training events on forensic geology, by introducing issues of geoethics;
  • Co-organising scientific and dissemination events about (geo)ethical and social implications in forensic geology;
  • Identifying of possibilities to apply for funding for the development of common projects on geoethics and forensic geology.
Both organisations will establish a liaison link to ensure good information flow and cooperation and will add respective logos in their websites.

The IUGS-IFG was established at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, on 22 February 2011, and its aim is “to develop forensic geology internationally and promote its applications”. IUGS-IFG aims to raise the global awareness of forensic geology by holding meetings and conferences, promoting research, teaching, training and the operational deployment of forensic geologists, and developing an international network (Geoforensic International Network - GIN) whereby each ‘member’ will act as a principal contact in their respective country for the collation and dissemination of information on forensic geology. The IUGS-IFG Committee comprises representatives from major geographical regions of the world and includes specialists from; academia, industry, consultancy, operationally based forensic geologists, the police, law enforcement agencies and forensic organisations. Both IUGS-IFG and the Geoforensic International Network (GIN), currently including more than 35 countries, bring together forensic geologists, geoscientists and invited police/law enforcement officers from around the world, who have a desire and interest in the development of forensic geology. 

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