Monday, October 17, 2016

A new co-coordinator for IAPG-Portugal

Paulo Emanuel Talhadas Ferreira da Fonseca (Department of Geology, University of Lisbon) is the new co-coordinator of IAPG-Portugal. 

He replaces António José Correia de Almeida, and joins Clara Maria da Silva de Vasconcelos in this position.

Paulo Fonseca is a geologist born in 1960 in Lisbon, teaching at the Lisbon University - Geology Department, since 1987. He was graduated in Geology in 1985 at Faculty of Science Lisbon University and in 1995 he achieved the PhD title in Structural Geology – (Internal Geodynamics) at the same University. His main research activities range from Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics – (Ophiolites essentially during Variscan Orogeny) to Geology Education - experimental geology (adults and persons with disabilities). Other interests are focused in Atlantic Island Geology (Madeira), Geochronology, Oil and Gas Storage (LPG) and Reservoirs (Fluid Circulation), Shale oil and gas geology, CO2 and Carbon sequestration, Environmental Geology and Groundwater Geology, Geological Heritage and Geoconservation.
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IAPG thanks the former co-coordinator, António Almeida, for the work done to establish the section and to create an IAPG network in Portugal.

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