Thursday, July 21, 2016

IAPG session S32:
"Geoethics: a new way of thinking and practicing geosciences"


IAPG-Italy - Section of Geoethics and Geological Culture of the Italian Geological Society has organized the session "S36 - Geoethics: a new way of thinking and practicing geosciences" at the 88th National Congress of the Italian Geological Society, that takes place in Naples (Italy). 
The session is scheduled for 9 September 2016, from 8:30 to 11:00, Aula A32. 


Stefano Tinti (Università di Bologna,, Francesco De Pascale (Università della Calabria,, Sabina Di Franco (CNR-IIA Roma,, Alessandra Magagna (Università di Torino,, Silvia Peppoloni (INGV-Roma2,



Friday, 9 September 2016 (08.30 - 11.00)
Aula A32

36-1 (08.30 - 08.45)
Dattilo V. & De Pascale F.
The semiosis of the Anthropocene: the triangle “geology/geography – planet illness – society”

36-2 (08.45 - 09.00)
Giardino M., Lucchesi S., Dellarole E., Bagnati T. & Magagna A.
Ethics of Geodiversity, geoEthics for Diversity: added values for Unesco Geoparks

36-3 (09.00 - 09.15)
Tinti S.
Geoethics: is it a new science or a new focus in geosciences?

36-4 (09.15 - 09.30)
Giardino M. & Lucchesi S.
A new paper on Geoethics: The “Laudato Sii” Encyclical Letter by Pope Francis on the care of our common home, Planet Earth

36-5 (09.30 - 09.45)
Liserre B.
The importance of environmental education in Niccolò Machiavelli’s thought in the context of the Italian Renaissance: a geoethical model

36-6 (09.45 - 10.00)
De Pascale F., Dattilo V., Muto F., Bernardo M. & D'Amico S.
Teaching resilience and educating to seismic risk reduction at school: a geoethical path in Aiello Calabro, southern Italy

36-7 (10.00 - 10.15)
Ryazi Khyabani F. & Pieruccioni D.
Will a geologist choose the environmental ethics or the economy?

36-8 (10.15 - 10.30)
Kalenge Nguvulu C. & Lupia Palmieri A.
The natural capital challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a geoethical emergency

36-9 (10.30 - 10.45)
Somma R.
Forensic soil analyses in a simulated murder case

36-10 (10.45 - 11.00)
Tinti S. & Armigliato A.
Are there geoethical aspects involved in geohazard assessment? The case of tsunami hazard quantification and mapping


Friday, 9 September 2016
Area Poster

36-11 (Pannello 152)
Lozar F., Delfino M., Cirilli F., Bernardi M., Magagna A. & Giardino M.
"Urban Fossils": a project enabling reflections concerning human impact on planet Earth

36-12 (Pannello 153)
Gaudiosi G., Nappi R., Alessio G. & Porfido S.
Macroseismic intensity evaluation for the seismic hazard assessment in the third millennium

36-13 (Pannello 154)
Somma R., Silvestro M., Cascio M., Longo V., Barbagallo O. & Dawson L.
The use of digital surface, terrain models and geophysics to define search priorities for clandestine burials in a GIS-based Red-Amber-Green (RAG) system

36-14 (Pannello 155)
Seifilaleh S. & Ahadnezhad V.
Review of the performance of the crisis management centers in Iran and analysis of these institutions in Bam earthquake