Wednesday, February 10, 2016

News from Colombia

We wish to thank our member Hernando Martinez (in the above picture, third from the right), freelance geologist and Director of "Subsuelo y Geotecnia Ltda", for his precious work in building an IAPG network in Colombia.

Hernando gave several oral presentations during several events, highlighting (geo)ethical aspects of the issues treated in his slides (on Geology, Labor risks, Tunnelling, Geology and Health, Geology and Sociopolitical aspects):

  • XV Colombian Conference of Geology (2 presentations in Bucaramanga, Colombia, September 2015).
  • 4th International Conference in Cali (Colombia, October 2015).
  • 4th International Conference of Underground Construction (Lima, Peru, October 2015).
  • XII Geological Conference of Central America (Managua, Nicaragua, November 2015).

Hernando Martinez
In addition, Hernando gave other speeches during several conferences at the Andes University and the National University of Colombia (UN) in Bogot√†, on hydrogeology (in the Hydrogeological Conversation of Groundwater Supply, April 2015), speleology (for the Speleological group UN, September 2015), geoethics (for the Students Council of Geosciences at UN, September 2015).

Finally, during three professional courses he mentioned the necessity of a geoethical approach in drilling deep wells for groundwater supply. 

Currently, he is motivating young geologists in order to create a Colombian National Section of the IAPG.

A big thank to Hernando from the IAPG community!