Wednesday, January 20, 2016

IAPG Symposia on Geoethics at the 35th IGC
Call for Abstracts: Deadline is approaching

The deadline to submit an abstract for the 35th International Geological Congress (IGC) is approaching (31 January 2016, extended: 29 February 2016).

International Association for Promoting Geoethics ( promotes 2 symposia:

Geoethics: general aspects and case-studies
(Theme: Global Geoscience Professionalism and Geoethics)
Convenership: Giuseppe Di Capua, Peter Bobrowsky, Martin Bohle, John Geissman, Silvia Peppoloni
The conveners invite abstracts on both practical and theoretical aspects of Geoethics, including case studies. The aim of the session is to develop ethical and social perspectives on the challenges arising from human interaction with natural systems, to complement technical approaches and solutions, and to help to define an ethical framework for geoscientists' activities.

Full description of this symposium at:

Geoethical perspectives on meeting the resource needs of future generations
(Theme: Resourcing Future Generations)
This session is a joint initiative IAPG - International Association for Promoting Geoethics, GSL - Geological Society of London, EFG - European Federation of Geologists and EGS - EuroGeoSurveys.
Convenership: Silvia Peppoloni, Nic Bilham, Vitor Correia, Luca Demicheli
The conveners invite papers addressing how geoethical perspectives can be brought to bear on the challenges of sustainably meeting future demand for georesources, including energy, groundwater and numerous mineral commodities.

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