Friday, March 20, 2015

Geoethics in Engineering Geology

Luis Ignacio González de Vallejo is the new IAPG ‪Corresponding Citizen Scientist for the topic "Geoethics in Engineering Geology".

Luis is Honorific Professor of Engineering Geology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), Spain. Director of the MSc. Courses in Engineering Geology at UCM (from 1990 to 2008). Director of the Geo-Hazard Division of the Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias. 
E.B. Burwell Award 2013 of the Geological Society of America (GSA) in Engineering Geology and Environment; XXVII Manuel Rocha Lecture 2010 of the Portuguese Geotechnical Society and the Universidad Nova de Lisboa; II Ing. Ruiz Vazquez Memorial Lecture 2007 of the Academy of Engineering of Mexico. Honorific Member of the Rock Mechanics Society of Spain. Honorific Geologist of the Institution of Chartered Geologist of Spain (Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Geologos - ICOG).
Chairman of the Joint Technical Committee (JTC3) on Education and Training in Geo-Engineering of the Federation of International Societies in Geo-Engineering ISSMGE, ISRM, IAEG (from 2006 to 2010). Member of the International Committee of Experts of the United Nations (UNDRO) for the reduction of seismic risk in the Mediterranean Region. Member of the Spanish Committee on Earthquake-Resistance Codes (from 1984 to 1988).
Associate Editor of the international journal "Soils and Rocks" and member of the Editorial Committee of the "Revista de Geología Aplicada de Argentina" and the "Boletín Geológico y Minero de España". 
He has published 9 books and more than 160 papers in national and international journals and conference proceedings. He has given lectures in 32 universities and institutions from Europe and America.

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