Monday, January 20, 2014

Seventh Conference of the 
African Association of Women in Geosciences (AAWG)

Earth Sciences and Climate Change: Challenges to Development in Africa

Windhoek, Namibia 
November 03-09, 2014

First circular:

Conference sub-themes:
- Women and climate change
- Earth Science: History
- Earth and its Dynamics
- Earth and Life
- Pedology and Pedogenesis
- Global Warming and Climate Change
- Earth and Ecology
- Medical Geology
- Earth Science and Hydrology
- Applications of Earth Sciences
- Petrology
- Earth and Environmental Science
- Archaeology and paleontology
- Geoheritage, Geotourism and climate change
- Earth Sciences and local communities

For more information, please contact the President of the AAWG and IAPG coordinator for Africa, Prof. Ezzoura Errami ( and Dr. Gabi Schneider (