Saturday, September 28, 2013

New column on public policy and security: joint action of Ukrainian Section of the IAPG and “The Day” Newspaper (Ukraine)

Syndrome of Profit Iona: on the ethics in geo-sciences, catastrophes, resources, and mutual responsibility

by Yuriy Kostyuchenko 

“Syndrome of Profit Iona” – is the professional deviation of the experts in field of security and risk analysis. It is characterized by the difficult complex of psycho-emotional experiencing conditioned by understanding of unavoidability of catastrophe. At the same time you understand clear that nobody wish listen and to recognize a danger, so the catastrophe is inevitable. However a professional duty and own conscience does not allow to say nothing…

In the modern world too much depends on the personal responsibility. And politicians, and scientists, need an active public query, feed-backs, society help. For this purpose, together with mass media and public activists, they should give exact and adequate information to society. Only in this case we can rich the permanent decision of urgent problems. We can survive only together…

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Discussion on Geo-Science role in public security, ecology, and sustainable development

special thanks to Mr. Olexandr Holoborodko
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