Wednesday, April 3, 2013

European Geosciences Union 2013 - General Assembly 
(Vienna, 7-12 April 2013)

Session NH9.8 - Geoethics and natural hazards: the role and responsibility of the geoscientists 

FREE WEBINAR: you can attend the session using an Internet connection!

Convener: Silvia Peppoloni
Co-Conveners: Susan W. Kieffer, Janusz Wasowski, Ezzoura Errami, Elizabeth Silva, Meng Wang

Thanks to the support of the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) and in collaboration with the Young Earth Scientists (YES) Network, the International Association for Promoting Geoethics (IAPG) is pleased to invite you to attend the FREE webinar of the Session NH9.8 "Geoethics and Natural Hazards", which will take place on the 09th April 2013 at EGU 2013 (Vienna, Austria). 
Kindly please visit the following link to register:

The detailed programme for this session is at: