Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Second International Conference on Geoparks
in Africa and Middle East

"Geoheritage for local socio-economic sustainable development"

Dakar, Senegal

9-12 October 2014

The African Geoparks Network “AGN” was initiated during the pre-congress of the fifth conference of the AAWG held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in May 2009. The AGN aims to identify, promote, and advise on the importance and preservation of geoheritage in Africa in collaboration with other stakeholders. In that framework, the AGN in collaboration with AAWG, ANRSA and UCAD are organizing the second International Conference on Geoparks in Africa and Middle East in 2014 in Dakar Senegal. The First edition was organized in 2011 in Morocco.
All researchers in the fields of geoheritage, geotourism, conservation, environment and sustainable development, policy makers, economists, geopark and local community administrators and leaders, NGOs, business operators, Medias and individuals with interest in geoheritage development are invited to participatingin making this event a success.

  • Geoheritage& Local communities
  • Geoheritage& Geo-education
  • Geoparks& Sustainable mining
  • Geoheritage& Climate change
  • Geoheritage&Geotourism
  • Karst geo-ecology& Speleology
  • Archaeology & Cultural heritage
  • Geoheritage& Medical Geology
  • Geoheritage&Geoethics
  • Earth and Sciences history
  • Role of Women and Youths in conservation of natural heritage
  • Geoheritage Networking
  • Aspiring Geoparks in Africa and Middle East

Provisional Program
Two days technical sessions.
Two days post-conference field trip.
In order to accommodate a maximum number of interesting papers we are compelled to allocate a maximum of 15 minutes to the oral presentation followed by an additional 5 minutes for discussion. Transparency projectors and data show (Power Point format) equipment will be available.
The poster session presentations will run parallel to the oral session.

French, Arabic, English are the official languages of the conference.

Field trip
A field trip will be carried out throughan aspiring Geopark that consists of numerous estuaries and rocky cliffs such as "Cap de Naze", "Cap Rouge", "Ngazobil", "Bandia, Somone and Popenguine reserves", Saloum estuary. This region is one of the major touristic sites in Senegal with its beautiful beaches and lagoons. Local populationsare mainly Lebus and Sereer that are living from traditional fishing and agriculture.
During the field trip, a visit will be paid to the Senghor's house - the first Senegalese president - and Fadiouth Shell Island.

Registration fees and payment
  • 200 € for non African & private companies.
  • 100 € for African and Arab academics.
  • 80 € for AGN and AAWG members.
  • 50 € for African & Arab students.
The registration fees will include abstract volume, coffee breaks, conference lunches and Gala Dinner.
  • Field trip fees: 200 €
Participants are required to pay fees by bank transfer to the address indicated below:

Société Géologique du Sénégal
CBAO point E
RIB: SN012 01309 36163725101 44

The full Address of the Recipient is:
Geological Society of Senegal
Département de Géologie FST-UCAD BP 5005, Dakar, Sénégal.
In favor of ICAAG 2‐2014.

Please send  a scanned  copy  of  your  bank  transfer  document  to  the  e‐mail  addresses: contact@aawg.org, sowfama@yahoo.fr.

All authors are requested to submit their abstracts which will be reproduced in an Abstract Volume to be distributed to the participants. All abstracts should be prepared according to the guidelines given below.

General Guidelines
The abstract should not exceed 2 pages (figures, tables and references included), A4 size paper (21.0 x 29.7 cm), printed on one side, written in Arabic, English or French. The topic covered should be relevant to the sub-themes of the meeting.
The name, address and e-mail of the communicating author must be clearly specified. All correspondence will be maintained with this author only.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 April 2014.

Guidelines for preparation of the abstract
The abstracts should be laid out in accordance with the main formatting points listed below. A limited amount of re-formatting will be undertaken by the conference secretariat, but submissions that are grossly aberrant will be returned to authors for correction.
  • It must be submitted electronically in MSWORD.
  • The preferred font is TIME; title 14pt / affiliations 12pt / text 10pt, with single line spacing.
  • The text must be typed leaving a 3 cm on the right and 2.5 cm on the top, bottom, and left margins.
  • Headings may be used.
  • Figures and tables may be included and embedded in the text file.
  • References may be included at the end of the extended abstract.
For any queries or problems please do not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat on its email address: 
contact@aawg.org, papam.ngom@ucad.edu.sn, sowfama@yahoo.fr.

Submission of the abstract
The abstracts must be sent as an attachment to contact@aawg.org before 30 July 2014.The name of the electronic file must include the name of the first author, e.g. Malek.doc.

Organizing Commitee

Scientific Committee

Avenue Cheikh Anta DIOP, Sicap Point E Immeuble D-2ème étage, BP 5356 Dakar-Fann. Téléphone : 33 859 43 70 / 33 864 43 49




Sponsorship possibilities
Partial sponsorship could be provided to participants from Africa and the Arab region.

Those who are interested in the fields of geoheritage are kindly invited to support this initiative in order to allow a maximum of participants coming from developing countries to attend this conference and its related field trip. Your contribution will help to develop geoparks in Africa and Middle East.


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July 30, 2014