Young Scientists Club

The Young Scientists Club (YSC) is the interface between the IAPG and young geoscientists' organizations and groups, in order to promote geoethics and the IAPG among the youngest colleagues more effectively.
Members of the YSC have to be members of the IAPG and their age less than 35 years old.

Marie Charrière (Switzerland) is the Chair of the YSC.
She is a geoscientist educated at the University of Lausanne, currently PhD researcher at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). Her research topic is the effectiveness of communication to raise risk awareness. The involvement of stakeholders during the design of a research plan is among her interests. She has been co-convener of two sessions on communication at the EGU 2015.

Other members of the Executive Board of the YSC are:

Ndivhuwo Cecilia Mukosi (South Africa)
Currently geoscientist at the Council for Geoscience formerly known as the Geological Survey of South Africa. Her field of interest includes geological mapping, geochemical mapping, environmental impact related issues such as environmental impact of mining, geoconservation and geotourism.

Francesco De Pascale (Italy)
PhD in Geography and Earth Sciences at the University of Calabria (Italy) with a thesis that could be considered as the first PhD thesis dealing expressively with geoethics. He is member of the Laboratory of Cartography and Neogeography at the Department of Languages and Educational Sciences of the University of Calabria.

Craig O'Brien (Ireland)
Geoscientist currently working in Upstream Oil and Gas technology in Aberdeen (Scotland). Member of Energy Institute, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers.

Jonathan Gomez Cantero (Spain)
Geographer, climatologist, master in Planning and Management of Natural Hazards. Research on natural disasters and climate change, is the author of articles, books and reports on these issues. It has been reviewing the 5th report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change), Spokesman of the Professional Association of Geographers of Spain. Currently also PhD student in extrem weather in Spain.

Tharwat Hassan (Egypt)
Geoscientist interested in geochemistry, igneous petrology and environmental geology. He was awarded the M.Sc. in geosciences on March 2015 (South Valley University, Egypt). He was a visiting researcher at University of Vienna and Erasmus mundus student at University of Graz (Austria). Currently he is working as an assistant lecturer at South Valley University.

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