Young Scientists Club

The YSC is the interface between IAPG and young scientists' organizations and groups, in order to promote geoethics and IAPG more effectively among the youngest colleagues.
Members of the YSC are early career scientists/professionals and members of IAPG.
The members of the YSC Executive Board (2015-2019) were selected after a public call among the IAPG members.
The YSC Executive Board (2020-2024) will be nominated by the end of 2019. 

YSC Executive Board (2020-2024)

It will be selected by the end of 2019

YSC Executive Board (2015-2019)

Marie Charrière (Switzerland), Chair.
Ndivhuwo Cecilia Mukosi (South Africa)
Francesco De Pascale (Italy)
Craig O'Brien (Ireland)
Jonathan Gomez Cantero (Spain)
Tharwat Hassan (Egypt)

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