Board of Experts

IAPG has a board of experts on specific issues related to geoethics. They are called "Corresponding Citizen Scientist" (CCS).

The CCS of the IAPG is a member of the Association.

She/He has the important cultural function of stimulating our community with papers or news. 

The CCS is interested in Earth sciences and humanities and in promoting issues on geoethics and the IAPG.

The CCS can work calmly, without deadlines, to listen and to share her/his thinking/information with the IAPG network through correspondence.

The IAPG offers, as appropriate, its webpages (website, blog, Facebook, Linkedin Group) and media to share CCS’ correspondence.

When inviting a CCS, the IAPG may agree with her/him on a specific matter that she/he will observe with preference for the IAPG. 

As appropriate, the IAPG may invite a CCS to prepare a correspondence on matters, which are of particular interest to the Association.

List of Corresponding Citizen Scientists (Board of Experts):

Manuel João Florentino Gomes Abrunhosa
(Board of APEQ - Portuguese Association for the Study of the Quaternary and Portuguese Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Portugal)
Geoethics in Groundwater Management

Ruth Allington
(GWP Consultants LLP, IUGS-TGGGP, United Kingdom)
Geoscience Professionalism

Martin Bohle
(Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship, Germany)
Exploring Societal Frameworks of the Earth Sciences

Madhumita Das
(Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India)
Geoethical aspects in Low Income Countries

Robert Frodeman
(University of North Texas, USA)
Geoethics and Philosophy

Luis Ignacio González de Vallejo
(Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
Geoethics in Engineering Geology

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez-Marco
(Spanish Research Council - CSIC, Institute of Geosciences - IGEO, Spain)
Geoethics in Paleontology

Ciro Manzo
(CNR - Institute for Atmospheric Pollution Research, Italy)
Geoethics and Young Geoscientists

Tony Mayer
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Research Integrity

Christine McEntee
(AGU - American Geophysical Union, USA)
Harassment and Discrimination in Geosciences

David Mogk
(Montana State University, USA)
Geo-education and Teaching Geoethics

Edmund Nickless
(British Geological Survey and Geological Society of London, United Kingdom - Retired)
Geoethics for Society

Elizabeth Silva
(Portuguese Commission for UNESCO, Portugal)
Geoethics and Geoparks

Iain Stewart
(Plymouth University, United Kingdom)
Geoscience Education and Communication

More information about the IAPG Board of Experts (Corresponding Citizen Scientists):